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theasset5A terrorist training camp is discovered in the Amazon Jungle of Venezuela …

Pete Maddox emerges from the black ops shadows to become the CIA station chief in Caracas, Venezuela at a time when tensions between Venezuela and the United States are simmering.

The discovery of a Libyan terrorist training camp in the Amazon jungle, as well as a dissident group fomenting a coup against Hugo Chavez, provides Maddox the opportunity to take care of two problems at once.

But Maddox complicates matters by falling for The Asset and will have to disobey a direct order from Langley and delve into the post-coup anarchistic streets of Caracas in a race to find the woman he loves before the Secret Police does. With time running out, he seeks help from a retired SAS and MI5 Brit and strikes an unlikely alliance with a crime kingpin in the infamous hilltop slums of Caracas. Maddox will stop at nothing to save The Asset, but will it be enough?

The Asset is a high octane, edge-of-your-seat spy thriller described in Amazon reviews as “explosive and breathtakingly exciting”, a “great suspenseful read”, and “fast and furious.”

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The Asset is an Amazon Espionage and Political Thriller Bestseller.

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